Educational establishment

“Baranovichi State Professional Lyceum of Machine Building”

invites the pupils of the 9th and 11th grades of secondary schools, their parents and teachers to Open days.

The meetings will be held:

on March 14th, at 13 o’clock,

on March 24th at 10 o’clock,

on April 21nd at 10 o’clock.

The program includes:

– meeting with the administration;

– demonstration of films about the lyceum;

– concert (the best performances, the best actors of the lyceum);

– presentation of the professions;

– tour about the lyceum, which comprises attending training workshops, classrooms, canteen, hostel, etc.;

– master classes on the leading professions of the lyceum.

You can try yourself in the role of a welder and a turner, an electrician and an electrical engineer, a fitter and an operator of machines with programmed control.

In 2018-2019 the lyceum offers:



3-37 01 52 “Maintenance and repair of vehicles”

3-37 01 52-52 “Car mechanic”

3-36 01 54 “Metal processing on machine tools and lines”

3-36 01 54-54 “Machine operator”

3-36 01 51 “Welding technology”

3-36 01 51 53 “Welder”

3-36 01 53 “Maintenance of equipment”

3-36 01 53 55 “Fitter”

3-36 01 54 “Metal processing on machine tools and lines”

3-36 01 54-53 “Operator of machine tools with programmed management”

3-40 02 52 «Operation of computers»

3-40 02 52-51 «The computer operator»

3-36 03 52 «Technical operation of electrical equipment»»

3-36 03 52-51 «Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment» (after 9, 11 form)

3-36 03 55 «Wiring of electric lighting and power equipment»

3-36 03 55-52 «Electrician for electrical equipment, power and lighting networks »

3-36 01 53 «Technical operation of the equipment»

3-36 01 53-54 «The machanic of machine-assembling works»

3-91 02 31 «Photography»

3-91 02 31-51 «The operator of computer graphics»


Detailed information on specialties, qualifications, terms of training and rules of admission to the lyceum can be obtained in the section “For Entrants”..

Those wishing to attend the lyceum for the purpose of career guidance at another time convenient for them, please contact the administration in advance by telephone 8(0163) 415655

Our address: The Republic of Belarus, Brest region,

Baranovichi, Korolika Street, 4

Your path to success begins here!

Come, we are waiting for you!



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г. Барановичи ул. Королика, 4

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E-mail: BPLM@brest.by


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